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We understand the current complexities of obtaining medical cannabis in the UK, which is why we have developed our very own ‘Prescription Pathway’ to help you!

CBPM | Medical Cannabis Made Accessible and Affordable

Step 1: Obtain Prescription

Medical cannabis can only be prescribed in the UK by a clinician listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.

Specialist doctors who intend to prescribe and treat patients with cannabis-based medicinal products, they must be able to demonstrate that they have assurances in place to deliver safe and effective care in line with relevant legislation and guidance.

Your GP can refer you or you can contact a clinic that specialises in medical cannabis treatment direct. Before your appointment, it is encouraged that you access your Summary Care Record from your GP to share with your clinic and speed up the process.

We work with a number of Medical Cannabis clinics, who can start you on your journey

Step 2: Order Prescription

When obtaining your prescription, a clinic can send it straight to Curaleaf Pharmacy if you provide consent. If not, you can send us a copy of your prescription to [email protected] to request your medication and start your order. To complete your order, we need:

CBPM | Medical Cannabis Made Accessible and Affordable
CBPM | Medical Cannabis Made Accessible and Affordable

Step 3: Order Processed

Curaleaf Pharmacy will process your prescription once all necessary documentation is received.

At this stage, Curaleaf Pharmacy will contact you to agree a delivery lead time, dependant on whether you have had the medication before and if the product is either UK manufactured or an import.

Our team will also discuss any specific requirements that you may have and authorise payment for your prescription. We will guide you through this whole process to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Step 4: Delivery

Curaleaf Pharmacy will dispense the prescription to your address using our discreet, tracked delivery service for complete peace of mind

If you wish to set up an account with us for your medical cannabis prescription, contact Curaleaf Pharmacy today!

CBPM | Medical Cannabis Made Accessible and Affordable