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Friday, 2 June, 2023

Service Update – Cooper

In March 2023, Cooper was introduced as our new patient system, with the aim of significantly improving the service given to our patients.

In the implementation stages, we do appreciate that patients experienced a dip in usual service standards and for this, we do apologise for any disruption caused.

We are delighted to let our patients know that the Cooper system is now fully operational, delivering a best-in-class service that patients truly deserve.

Don't believe us? Listen to our patients!

The entire team at Curaleaf Pharmacy are extremely appreciative of the recent feedback we have received. We are proud to serve you as the leading UK Medical Cannabis pharmacy in the UK.

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What is Cooper?

Cooper is a complete advancement and transformation of our service, with notable benefits allowing us to provide our patients with a service that they truly deserve.

Patients will now be able to manage their prescription through every point of the journey.

Patient experience has been at the heart of this development, we understand that throughout your personal journey that you need complete confidence from your trusted medical cannabis pharmacy.

Cooper represents us as a pharmacy putting you as the patient, in control of your prescription and treatment.

Significant features include:

  • Pay for your prescription through our secure payment gateway
  • Adjust your prescription – only pay for part of the prescription you want at any time
  • Track your order through the entire prescription process including courier tracking
  • View previous prescriptions and payments
  • Choose the appropriate delivery method for you
  • Live chat available to deal with your queries

In line with these patient-facing features, Cooper has been designed to streamline internal processes to process your prescription in a timely manner. In partnership with your specialist clinic, Cooper has been developed to significantly improve service levels that our patients have been receiving and we hope that our patients see this.

We recognise that communication is paramount to you as patient, therefore Cooper is also built on the foundation of providing consistent contact throughout your prescription journey.

"Our new patient System, Cooper, is totally changing the way in which patients order their prescriptions with Curaleaf Pharmacy. We wanted to deliver a system that not only puts the patient in complete control of their prescription journey, but also a smooth and efficient service that speeds up service dramatically.

We've been listening to our patients for a long time now and taken all feedback on board, so i'm extremely proud that we've been able to implement a wide range of service changes with Cooper!"

We are not stopping there!

Curaleaf Pharmacy is always listening and constantly looking to improve, therefore we are working on more service improvements to further enhance your journey as a medical cannabis patient. As patient, you deserve the best possible service that is personal to you and your treatment and this what we are striving to achieve.

We are also continuing to work with our manufacturing and distribution partners, to expand our already broad product formulary, with many exciting new products becoming available for prescription in the coming months.

Now has never been a better time to be a patient of Curaleaf Pharmacy!

If you have any questions about this update, please contact us or your specialist clinic for more information

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